Success with Red’s ‘learn to earn journey’

For those that have been following Red’s ‘learn to earn journey‘, Red has been making some fantastic progress and we so pleased to receive this feedback from Red’s owner Louise.

“Red and I feeling very pleased with ourselves, so we took some celebratory selfies. 🤣🐾🥰.
We walked down the lane for the first time in a while, on lead past ANOTHER DOG!!! She stayed focused and took food from me!!!! Such an incredible improvement! Didn’t react!!! I even managed to say good morning to the lady. Thanks so so much for all of your help, patience and wisdom in facilitating us in getting to this point 💝🐾🐾😘”.


Red's learn to earn journey
Red with Louise achieving success

If you would like any dog behaviour assistance with your dog, please do get in touch.

Red’s “Learn to Earn” Progress

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