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4 Week Dog Behaviour Modification Package

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  • 1 month consisting of 2x in person 121s, home visits or CentrePaws
  • Plus unlimited WhatsApp support over the 4 week period

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121s at Centre Paws

Puppy Classes/Lifeskills

  • Puppy Life skill classes held at Centre Paws

Agility – All Levels Catered For

DBDT Dog Training Norfolk with Jayne Fuller, ISAP
(International Society of Animal Professionals)

About Jayne

Jayne has been involved in training dogs for over 25 years. Initially attending courses run by John Rogerson and is an active and official member of the ISAP, International Society of Animal Professionals, and a Level 5 Behaviour Practioner. She works on a face to face and online basis working on a range of behaviour goals, from problem behaviours to loose lead walking, along with teaching agility and puppy classes.

Jayne is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).

Jayne Fuller


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I have known Jayne Fuller for a while now and started training with Rhem early last year. If it was not for Jayne, I would not be back competing and doing what I love most. I have a number of dogs all with different capabilities and behaviours and temperaments. Jayne has been a great help with Lizzie who is noise sensitive and she has been working closely with me to guide me on how to read potential signs of stress and ways to deal with it. She has also helped me with Marble who is very headstrong. I would highly recommend Jayne and DB Dog training.

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Rhem's Owner

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I have been training with Jayne since Feb 2021 when I moved to the area. I attend her weekly agility session as well as the occasional 121, workshops and shows.

Jayne is friendly and knowledgeable. My young dog is extremely responsive to Jayne’s method of training and she brings out the best in him. I was also experiencing behaviour issues with my older dog following lockdown. Jayne’s advice and solution were some of the most effective as long as I put in the hard work. DBDT is a brilliant dog training club, strongly recommend.

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Ivone 2 lurchers Ella and Jack

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Had a great day today; Coco’s agility session with Jayne Fuller was amazing. Never in a million years would I think I would have a dog like I have now. All down to hard work, patience and the great guidance and teaching from Jayne. Anyone seeking help in any form with a dog, please contact her!

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Sophie Fairhurst

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Several weeks work on focus and arousal control and we have a focussed GSD who was originally so excitable that she just ran at the other dogs unable to self-control. Very proud of them both this week, amazing results. No charging and focussed and calm switching from food to toys… Fab work love to help harmonise relationships.
I was absolutely buzzing, overwhelmed, emotional….when I left on Wednesday. I just didn’t dare even dream I could do this with her.
Thank you, so much you’re definitely a dog whisperer!

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German Shepherd Owner

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We have just started working with Jayne with our beautiful rescue lurcher, Dottie. Dottie has a highly traumatic past which means she is so terrified of other dogs that she cannot be in sight of another dog, although she adores humans. We have tried so many things previously but will not give up on her, particularly as she is my official ESA.
Jayne has a very calm and straightforward approach and visited us in Norwich without any fuss since we aren’t currently driving. I have been hand-feeding Dottie, playing new games with her and doing lots and lots of counter-conditioning to make positive associations with her negative triggers…

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Dottie The Rescue Lurcher

Client Testimonial for Red the Ridgeback

Client Testimonial for Henry with Reactivity Issues

Centre Paws

The majority of our classes are held at Centre Paws, built on a family farm in Wymondham Norfolk. Centre Paws brings together a variety of canine businesses, farm walks and a dog-friendly cafe, The Farm Cafe.

Jayne Fuller, ISAP, official member of the International Society of Animal Professionals


A member of the Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners.


Jayne is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)