German Shepherd – Focused and calm


German Shepherd now focused and calm after weeks of work on focus and arousal control Several weeks work on focus and arousal control and we have a focussed GSD who was originally so excitable that she just ran at the other dogs unable to self-control. Very proud of them both this week amazing results.

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Red’s “Learn to Earn” Progress


Success with Red's 'learn to earn journey' For those that have been following Red's 'learn to earn journey', Red has been making some fantastic progress and we so pleased to receive this feedback from Red's owner Louise. "Red and I feeling very pleased with ourselves, so we took some celebratory selfies. 🤣🐾🥰. We walked down

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Red’s Learn to Earn Journey


Starting the learn to earn journey with 4-month-old Red Jayne came out to us when Red was 4 months old. We wanted to lay down good foundations and start on the right track rather than go wrong and have to correct unwanted behaviour later.  We were already seeing some behaviours creeping in. Red was

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Earn and Learn


Earn and Learn - Fantastic feedback this morning from Louise and Red “Out with Red this AM! She's awesome! Walking on a loose leash. Had to turn a few circles but much less. Actually made it to the field. Let her off and had 100% recall. There were birds and rabbits too. She paid

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Nose Touch Training


Nose Touches Nose Targeting is a critical part of our contact training. Our dogs love to get the chance to give those rapid-fire nose presses into the palm of our hand. Even the delivery of the food rewards does not interfere with the dog’s successive nose taps into the hand target; this is your dog’s

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